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Maria Rosa Sintes

About the Artist: The Artist is a native of “Es Mercadal” on the Mediterranean island of Menorca, Spain. “Menorca is always in my mind. Having spent 25 years of my life there, the colors and places of the island - so dear to my heart - are a big part of who I am. My memories of the Island of Menorca are real and alive, and I trey to bring them to life on canvas. When I feel homesick, I paint with as much color as I can.” In beautiful Menorca, buildings are white with arches and green shutters against the background of blue sky. Poppy fields dot along the hilly country side leading to the villages. Maria Rosa has captured her native island with her palette of yellow-golds, red-oranges, greens, and blues. Her realistic paintings depict the island’s colorful scenery. Maria-Rosa Sintes Johnson has also painted traditional subjects of flowers in a vase with fruit bowls, poppy flowers and oranges, all in bright, warm colors. She currently lives in St. Augustine, Florida and her award-winning art has been shown throughout Florida.

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