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Theodore Morris is an artist whose work is a journey through time. He uses oil painting as a visual language to depict Florida's native cultures that have been lost in the mist of time. His realistic portrayal of these ancient people is not a romantic image, but a sensitive understanding of their way of life.

Morris works with archaeologists and anthropologists throughout the State of Florida gathering the latest information pertaining to artifacts and documentation for his oil paintings. He has spent many hours working excavations in Florida. In addition to one man shows at galleries and museums, Morris's works have been exhibited at private and public shows for foundations and charities. With painstakingly researched detail, Theodore Morris chronicles Native Americans who lived in Florida as many as 13,000 years ago, but who look, in his beautiful paintings, as if they might have just pulled their boat through the mangroves or come in from the pinewoods.

Some of Theodore Morris paintings offer a glimpse at the everyday lives of Native Americans; in others, the subjects stand and look directly ahead as if watching the viewer. These direct, almost confrontational exchanges lead to a near-magical feeling in his paintings. Morris spends many hours studying Native American records and artifacts. e's crisscrossed the State of Florida going to universities, museums and libraries, talking to scholars, even joining in archaeological digs - all to make his paintings as authentic as possible. After years of successful work as a commercial illustrator and graphic design artist, Morris wanted more challenge and more time to paint. He was consumed with the idea of recording the region's lost tribes and started reading and studying voraciously. In 1992, Theodore Morris painted his first Native American portrait - and Apalachee man performing a ritual bird dance - and now there's no stopping him (thank goodness!). Morris was honored in 1997 by the Florida Anthropological Society when his paintings were selected by its Board of Directors to be used in their video to be titled "Shadows and Reflections: The Search for Florida's Lost People." During the filming of the video, which was aired on PBS, he painted a completely new work depicting an event in the lifestyle of the Calusa. Today, Theodore Morris' works hang in museum, corporate and private collections throughout North America and Australia.

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