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Brochure Print Prices.

This web-page deals in wholesale brochure prices.
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Bruchures in a brochure Holder

Front and back of a brochure card.

Sample Brochure.

We create brochures that will help you sell your art work.
These brochures measure 4" x 8" and are double sided.
The front (photo paper) can have images of the Artist's work and the back (plain paper) can provide a short Biography of the Artist.

Packaged print prices are:

$ 0.50 - Brochure cards.

Photographic services/set-up charges:
$35.00/image (Waived with the purchase of $35.00 of prints of the same image)

Services are provided on an appointment only basis.
(We work out of our home)

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This web-page deals in wholesale brochure print prices.